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Stanley S. Jaeger is the President and primary officer of Jaeger Corporation. He directs the business model.  Brian Hill is Vice President of Operations and oversees the staff activities. Starting in 1985, Jaeger Corporation has expanded to provide services in the midwest with a staff of medical physicists and other physics related personnel.  




We are pleased to welcome two new therapy physicists to join our group!  Sean Matyas, M.S, a 2012 graduate of Purdue in Medical Physics, will be providing services at Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Also joining us is Russ Rupolo, M.S., a 2011 graduate of Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago in Medical Radiation Physics and a 2013 graduate of the Residency program at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  




Our diagnostic team headed up by Victoria Blake, M.S. is available to meet your diagnostic calibration needs.  Along with Kerrick Stack and Mackenzie Jaeger, they are assisting over 100 facilities in Iowa and Nebraska. 










Jaeger Corporation is a privately held corporation, incorporated in the State of Nebraska, and registered or licensed to provide services in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.    


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